SAMS Europe Crayon at SAMS Europe 2018

SAMS Europe The biggest Software Asset Management event in Europe!

Increase your SAM Maturity and Reduce Software Costs!

This year’s event was the 5th annual edition of Europe’s most influential SAM event series. SAMS Europe combines expert keynote speakers, interactive roundtables, debates, networking sessions and more! 

In September 2018, our distinguished SAM experts attended Berlin and hosted a variety of sessions, speaker slots, presentations and of course… our very own Crayon cocktail bar! 

Our SAM Experts who presented were:

  • Ulrik Roland, VP SAM
  • Erik Svensson, SAM Director
  • Marina Hansen, Manager, Enterprise SAM Solutions
  • Richard Bühler, Services & Sales Director
  • Phil Heap, Service Director SAM

Why did Crayon decide to be a partner at SAMS Europe?

SAMS Europe is the most important event in the SAMS business! The level of knowledge and competence are extremely high and those who attend are dedicated to the SAM disciplines, providing a lot of incredible take-aways from the discussions and networking which take place.

SAMS Europe 2018 Watch our Interview!

Crayon are currently working on several exciting SAM projects. The most exciting development has been the launch of our new collaboration platform so that we can now collaborate with our customers in a virtual meeting room. This means that wherever the client is, they have access to our consultants.

Watch our interview and see what the one piece of advice Ulrik would give to a company starting a SAM programme!

SAMS fuels your business and teammates with new ideas, connections, inspiration and insights. We achieved incredible feedback from those who attended and if you missed out on attending, please get in touch and we can see how we can assist you on your SAM journey.