Pulse Reward Program 20,000 FREE Pulse Points*

Crayon rewards all resellers that add new O365 and Azure customers. If you’re adding new Office 365 or Azure customers you may be entitled to up to 20,000* FREE “Pulse Points”.

That's 20,000 Pulse Points to spend as you like, on Crayon Services, Rewards for your sellers or give away’s to your customers.

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* Note: T&Cs will apply and account credits cannot be converted into cash or refunds. 

*Campaign closes on the 31st December or when 100 New Customers Azure/O365 have been signed up. 

How does it work and what do you need to know?

For every new Azure or Office 365 customer, you add as a reseller of Crayon, you may be eligible for this 20,000 Pulse points offer*!

To get Pulse points they will need a Pulse account BUT if they don’t have one we can set one up and then deposit the points.

How do you know who is eligible and what we mean by a new O365 customer? 

  • Any new end customer with 50 paid Office 365 seats, OR any existing end customer with less than 50 seats that increase above 50 paid Office 365 seats.
  • End customer shall not have had more than 50 Office 365 seats in the previous 12 months in any Microsoft program.
  • Office 365 seats should be paid seats (excluding any unpaid seats, trials, free promos, etc).
  • Customer needs to have a total of 50 or more paid Office 365 seats to be considered added.
  • Programs applicable: CSP
  • Eligible SKUs: Office 365 E1/E3/E5 and Office 365 within Microsoft 365
  • SKU Exclusion: Education, Home and Personal O365 SKU
  • Customer segment: all commercial segments

What do we mean by a new Azure customer?

  • Any end customer who has not consumed $3,000 USD or more of Azure in any Microsoft quarter during the prior 12 months
  • End customer can be an existing Azure Customer that have not consumed more than $3,000 USD of Azure in any Microsoft quarter during the prior 12 months
  • Azure consumption should be paid Azure (excluding any unpaid Azure, trials, free promos, etc)
  • End customer needs to have consumed a total of $3,000 USD or more in a given Microsoft quarter to be considered added.
  • Pricing All Microsoft Metered services as measured via Microsoft’s Azure Reporting Tools
  • Customer segment: all commercial segments