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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR Count Down!

The new EU regulation for Data Protection is already with us. It becomes a mandatory requirement in May 2018. This means you will need to start the transition immediately or face heavy fines of up to $20,000,000 or 4% of your global annual revenue!

GDPR Governance Service from Crayon Why act now?

GDPR Governance Service from Crayon is a comprehensive GDPR management and risk mitigation solution.

Crayon will help you act quickly…Failure to prepare for the regulation could have serious consequences....

Not only to your bottom line, but also to your customer relationships and brand image. Now is the time to begin allocating budget and resources to implement governance processes and controls, and to identify tools to help with compliance.

If you have questions on how this regulation affects you and your organisation contact us today! 

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General Data Protection Regulation What is GDPR?

GDPR is a European Union (EU) regulation put in place in May 2016:

  • Repeals the Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) from 1995

  • Expands the scope of personal information identifiers

  • Applicable in each EU member state and requires no local implementing legislation

  • Gives individuals right to control their personal information

  • Forces the businesses to provide transparent data processing and maintain individuals right to privacy

  • Imposes penalties on businesses in case of failure to do so

  • Organisations need to be compliant by May 25th 2018


GDPR Key Highlights

Expand 'personal data' pool: Personal data definition now also includes genetic data, profiling information, IP address and data in cookies.

Non-EU impact: Regulations are applicable to anywhere where EU resident's personal data is processed or monitored.

Data Protection Officer (DPO): Organisation must have a qualified DPO, directly reporting to senior managment.

Data Protection Impact Assessments: Privacy must be by default, designed into data processing and organisations must perform Data Privacy Impact Assessments.