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New technology in the health sector has had a lot of focus over the last few years. Due to general population growth and an aging population, the healthcare industry is being challenged when it comes to meeting the demands of an increasing population. They simply do not have enough resources to meet the increasing needs.

At the same time, the industry is developing new treatment methods and research breakthroughs at an increasing speed. The experts are trying hard to keep up, but the information flow is too overwhelming..... 

This is where Crayon can help....

Artificial Intelligence in health Microsoft AI in Health Alliance

Microsoft Health Alliance seeks to provide a platform to drive broad public awareness of how AI can empower better clinical and operational effectiveness. 

Crayon joins Microsoft and over 20 other health technology vendors to launch Microsoft AI in Health Alliance.

In addition, Crayon is also working on an innovation project with the Norwegian Cancer Registry to make use of machine learning technology on encrypted data.  This ensures sensitive information is protected and secure whilst being processed in shared datacenters . 

Crayon @ Health Population growth and new technology

What are the technological changes being faced by the Healthcare industry today?

Technology solutions must be able to meet the needs of the Healthcare Industry through:

  • Better decision support
  • IOT for monitoring patients
  • Precision medicine
  • Health analytics to monitor trends and finding best practices
  • Better and automated use of digital imaging

Over the past years, a huge amount of time has been spent collecting information about patients and the treatment they are receiving. 

It is NOW time to put this huge amount of data to work, and to move from reactive sick-care to proactive healthcare. 

Crayon Healthcare in the Cloud

Crayon believe that the only way that the Healthcare industry will be able to scale regarding data storage, accessibility, security and compute power is to move their solutions to the Cloud.

Cloud based solutions, such as machine learning and live threat analysis are still not being used by the Healthcare Industry. Providers have in the past been reluctant to move their solutions to the Cloud because of their sensitive datasets containing patient information.

However at the same time, we are seeing large, commercial organisations move their solutions to the Cloud because of the security it can offer. These organisations realise that they will never be able to obtain the same level of security in their own datacentres compared to what the experts can offer! 

Crayon are the Cloud Experts, and can provide you with the security you require!