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Crayon helps organizations adapt quickly to a new way of working

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As the global workforce is being disrupted, Crayon has been helping organizations adapt quickly by connecting employees and providing special access to solutions that maintain productivity.

Organizations in all industries suddenly have numerous remote workers. This means that businesses are educating their employees on how to best use tools that improve collaboration and schools have the need to easily shift lessons online. In addition employees who don’t work in an office may need to practice social distancing but stay connected with their teammates.

We can quickly and seamlessly help solve these challenges.

You can immediately be empowered to stay productive through using Microsoft productivity, communication and collaboration tools:

We are offering a free 6-month trial for our e-learning portal Empower-iQ where employees can access quick-help tutorial videos to successfully use Microsoft tools. Click here for more.

Microsoft is also offering Office 365 E1 license for free for six months and we can help you get started with this.

We're able to better connect all employees regardless of industry:

All employees may not sit behind a desk or work on a computer but they do have access to a smartphone. Using Workplace allows colleagues to connect with each other via the app with all the functionalities of Facebook. Hardly any training is required, which makes it easier to get started immediately.

For schools now dependent on e-learning, we can help:

Our own COR portal helps educators and students easily access all the necessary software needed to continue learning. Within days, this simple three-step solution can be implemented to maintain the momentum and benefits of a regular classroom. We are offering preferential on-boarding rates and the first month is free. To find out more click here.

Though we’re faced with an uncertain time, Crayon can help with solid guidance on our comprehensive suite of solutions to help any client adapt to a changed, new reality. Contact us today!