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Crayon Group plays key role in historic SHE Conference

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OSLO, Norway -- Crayon Group are passionate about gender equality in the workplace and will have a significant presence at the SHE conference this week in Oslo.

It is Europe’s largest gender diversity conference, but it’s much more than a one-day event. SHE is a community focused on closing the gender gap in workplaces around the world.

According to the World Economic Forum, it will take 217 years to end gender disparities in businesses around the globe

Crayon is not content to just sit by and let that trend continue. Crayon has an integral role in the SHE Index, which is powered by EY and measures in unrivalled detail the development gender equality of businesses. Through Crayon’s partnership with Microsoft Corp., this index will be implemented globally to workplaces, evaluating and ranking companies accordingly.

“Gender equality is an important global issue centered around fairness, efficiency, and profitability,” says Crayon CEO Rune Syversen. “The SHE Index aims to become the leading global index on gender equality in the workplace. Its ability to let companies compare themselves to others is remarkable and more important it encourages them to set targets for greater gender balance.”

Alongside equality, the other term on everyone’s lips is artificial intelligence, or AI. When it comes to AI, Crayon are industry-renowned experts with market-leading technology and innovations. Syversen will be a leading panellist in SHE conference discussion centred on AI learning solutions and the innovations which are needed to ensure these programs embrace diversity and equality.

Syversen will also be amongst a panel of distinguished judges to award this year’s winning SHE conference start-up. An appropriate award to be judging considering the CEO’s entrepreneurial spirit.

And the fact that he’s transformed Crayon from an IT start-up into a global business which has just celebrated its most successful quarter and year to date.

Join SHE Conference 2019 and be a part of the change!