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Crayon Joins Microsoft AI in Health Partners Alliance

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AI in Health Partners Alliance

Crayon has joined forces with Microsoft and over 20 health technology vendors to launch the AI in Health Partners Alliance.

Debuting at the Microsoft Health Innovation Summit in Brussels, the Alliance seeks to provide a platform to drive broad public awareness of how AI can empower better clinical and operational effectiveness. Furthermore, partners will help to ensure everyone has the competencies and tools needed to build intelligence into health solutions and bring these to market.

As part of this, Alliance members will receive unique training and exclusive access to Microsoft technologies, engineering expertise and data sets.

Microsoft believes that technology – specifically cloud, AI, collaboration and business optimisation tools – will be central to health care transformation.

New AI solutions will simplify and dramatically improve the quality of healthcare for patients worldwide, helping to improve rates of discharge, lower hospital admissions and assist in early diagnosis.

Through new initiatives, such as Healthcare NExT, Microsoft is aiming to dramatically transform healthcare and ‘enable a new wave of innovation and impact using Microsoft’s deep AI expertise and global-scale cloud’.

At the launch in Brussels over 250 health leaders gathered to hear about how Microsoft cloud solutions were helping to drive transformation of AI in health – an area set to expand at an exponential compound annual growth rate of 42 percent year-over-year by 2021.

Elena Bonfiglioli, senior director, Health Industry Europe Middle East and Africa, Public Sector, Microsoft suggests that by democratising AI, we will see a new era emerge.

“Communities will grow and develop to realize both the health and economic benefits of this exciting technology,” she explained in a recent post. “On the way, there will be questions and we are here to reflect, learn, innovate and iterate together. That’s what the AI in Health Partners Alliance is all about.”

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