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How the right SAM tool and the right focus can keep your organisation optimised and compliant


There are plenty of choices when it comes to SAM tools. However, picking the right one isn’t just about the tool itself, it also about knowing what you want out of the tool and processes that go alongside them. Buying a SAM tool cannot be rushed into without a second thought. The right tool will be essential to the success of your software asset management plans.

What do you really want?

Every organisation is different and will thus have different requirements. This means there will be differing products on the market to service those needs. Organisations have to work out what they need from a SAM tool and how they are going to implement it into an ecosystem of procedures and processes to create an environment of continual compliance and licence optimisation.

This means thinking about things such as inventory and discovery; metering; license management; usage stats; mobile device management; datacentre management; and virtualisation and cloud environment management. It also means a greater conversation within the organisation about what software is needed where in the organisation and how it can be managed in an optimised way.

Also to be considered are such things as whether you want agent or agentless technology; how you want reports generated; and how SaaS applications are discovered, tracked and licenses managed for the most efficient use.

If your organisation is almost entirely mobile then a complex mobile device management solution would be preferable to a general SAM tool, even when SAM tools often integrate MDM into their suite of functionalities.

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