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International Women's Day

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For International Women’s Day, we take a look back at SHE Conference

Today is International Women’s Day and around the world it’s being marked by celebrations, protests and panel discussions centered on equality.

At Crayon, we want to take a look back at our week at the SHE Conference, which is Europe’s largest gender diversity conference. The issues discussed included equality in hiring, respecting diversity of thought and challenges to make your voice heard, regardless if you use the pronoun he, she or they.

“If we are not embracing diversity of all kinds in everything that we do then we cannot actually empower all the individuals on this planet to do more,” Microsoft corporate VP Gavriella Schuster told Oslo’s City Hall. “We actually have to make it a part of all of the technology that we deliver, and we have to make it a part of every customer and every partner and every organization that we touch.”

“That’s why I am so proud to be here promoting the SHE Index,” Schuster said. “I am honored to be able to share that with esteemed colleagues in Crayon and EY promoting this very important topic.”

The SHE Index is a tool we helped build alongside EY and using Microsoft Azure and PowerBI. The Index aims to balance the gender scales in the workplace by measuring how diverse a company is in terms of gender. It also evaluates and ranks the organization in comparison to other companies on the index.

“I travel the world and see that there’s so much work to do across gender, across race,” Syversen said. “We need to give people equal chances and we need to level the playing field and I think that we have a fair chance to make it happen.”

In addition to promoting the index at the SHE Conference, Syversen helped host a pre-conference party for all the esteemed speakers and partners for the conference. Plus he, along with Microsoft’s Melissa Mulholland, served on a panel discussing artificial intelligence.

Crayon wasn’t just represented by those on our leadership team, we sent about two dozen employees to the conference and had a Crayon stand to help recruit new talent.

Even though the SHE conference is over, the push for equality continues. The SHE Index is now available for countries worldwide.

“Microsoft has been a great supporter of the SHE Index and is one of the main reasons we can actually bring this outside of Norway,” Syversen said. “I’m looking forward to seeing how the SHE Index changes businesses around the world.”

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