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#LikeAViking: Crayon conquers Microsoft Inspire with global recognition, thought leadership and one fabulous party

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The recent Microsoft Inspire conference was verywell, inspiring. 

It wasn’t only the speech by Microsoft’s Gavriella Schuster that highlighted the importance of collaborating with partners. Nor was it only the enlightened observations from Satya Nadella that reiterated the motto: Together, we achieve more. 

But the inspiration also came from the synergy that develops when more than 60 of our teammates from around the globe are under the same roof, working alongside one another toward a common goal. And that goal was to showcase at Inspire how Crayon helps clients navigate complex technologies and optimize their IT spend. 

“Microsoft Inspire marked a new milestone for us as we came to the conference having reached more than a couple billion in revenue for Microsoft. We also have the highest cloud revenue among their global partners and we won the award for being top AI practice in the world,” said Crayon CEO and co-founder Rune Syversen. 

“We sent more teammates to Inspire than ever before and focused on making connections, rekindling old ones, sharing our expertise and recruiting others to join our winning team,” Syversen said. 

Microsoft Inspire is one of the world’s largest technology conferences and each year Crayon sends teammates to collaborate with existing partners, connect with potentially new ones and further grow our deep-rooted partnership with Microsoft. 

Microsoft named us the No. 1 Global Partner of the Year in AI and Machine Learning because of our impressive success in emerging technologies. Due to that recognition, Crayon was called to sit on various panels during the weekto share our expertise in this area.  

“It was interesting to take part in so many discussions on AI because we have such a unique story around AI and ML,” said Trond Lutdal, Crayon VP of AI and ML. “Typically, these conversations focus on the technology, but from a leadership perspective, AI is ultimately about business. We are able to share our experiences to help teach others about how AI can create true business value.” 

Partners and would-be partners also had the opportunity to learn from our expertise in our Masterclasses at The Viking Lounge. Crayon VP Andrés Valencia, taught a session on best practices for ISVs, Alex Picchietti, Crayon Group Director of Data Center Optimization hosted a Masterclass on leveraging the power of Azure, and Director Selina Baranowski led a segment on managing Microsoft Service Provider license agreements.  

Of course, any conference in Las Vegas isn’t going to be all work and no play. That’s why we hosted the best party of the conference at the Stratosphere. It was the Crayon Afterparty where our guests enjoyed endless drinks and food, all before The King arrived.  

As Elvis hip-shaked around the stage, our teammates and partners from around the world sang and danced along. Then came the ever-so-hilarious comedian Alonzo Bodden. He joked about trying to understand what Crayon does and teased several audience members, but it was all in good fun and met with hearty laughter.   

Then the big surprise of the night was a guest appearance by Gavriella Schuster, who stayed up 2 hours past her bedtime to hang out with Crayon. 

Thank you all, I appreciate everything that you do every single day and keep it up! Schuster told the packed theater. 

We already can’t wait until Inspire 2020! 


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