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Office 365 E5


Office 365 E5 came out last year, replacing E4, but not only did the version number jump by one, so did the price. By around 50 per cent.

From June 2016, organisations have to make the decision to move to the cheaper E3 plan (£14.70 per user per month) or the more expensive E5 plan (£25.70 per user per month). Both of these require an annual commitment.

With that kind of jump, it is very understandable that organisations would like to re-assess how they are going to use Office 365 and what features they really need. So let’s first look at what you get for your subscription.

E5 has everything that was in the old E4 plan. Such as unlimited email, social tools (Yammer, Sharepoint Online, Office 365 Video), the Office suite of Applications (including Access if you use Windows), and OneDrive of Business.

In addition to this, it features several extras that would have cost extra in E4 (and indeed E3). These include Advanced Threat Protection for secure attachments and URLs, Cloud PBX, PSTN Conferencing, PSTN Calling, Delve Analytics, and Power BI Pro. (Thankfully, Microsoft has a helpful diagram that shows what each plan includes).

We won’t go into too much detail about these extras (we look at what’s in Office 365 in more detail in another blog), other than to say Delve Analytics and Power BI Pro are helpful if you analyse data, Skype Meeting Broadcast is handy for hosting online meetings and webinars, and call management is handled through Skype for Business.

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