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The optimisation of software is a fundamental part of the business strategy


A group of CIONET members (a community of IT leaders in Europe & Latin America) met recently in Spain to discuss challenges in licensing and optimisation of software asset management, along with their impact on IT budgets. .

In the new digital age where cloud is the focus, the transition to this environment can be complex and result in a loss of budgetary control if it is not planned adequately, the company’s assets are not fully accounted for and it is not know which of these elements can be migrated to the cloud.

CIOs must approach the licensing and management of their software assets from a strategic point of view. Why? Because this aspect can directly influence the evolution of the business, guaranteeing the security and the correct development of its operations.

At the February wine tasting it was agreed that with careful planning and through the support of a trusted partner, such as Crayon, organisations can be sure that their strategy when it comes to licensing and management is first-class.

Problems arise when companies are unable to appropriately manage their assets. As such, it is likely that organisations are paying for licenses that are not used regularly, or for others that have not been reassigned once an employee has left the company. The combination of these factors mean that the IT budget allocated to software licensing increases, preventing organisations from developing other more strategic projects.

On the other hand, with the new licensing models comes increasingly complex software contracts, with conditions that can change without the IT managers being fully aware of - something that carries both budgetary and compliancy risks. In this situation, CIOs must have expert help in order to avoid becoming trapped in their contract.

Likewise, the convenience of having all the information available both when facing an audit and when negotiating the contract conditions were also points of debate. The conclusion of these discussions were all extremely positive and motivating; with careful planning and through the support of a trusted partner, all organisations can be well-prepared for license changes and ensure they are compliant.

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