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SAP Optimisation

SAP Optimisation Optimise your SAP environment

When you need help and guidance within the complexity of SAP licensing, Crayon's consultants are able to offer you expert support and advice. 

Crayon offers companies a comprehensive overview of their SAP environments current state and recommendations for optimisation, as well as renewed negotiation power towards SAP. Crayon SAP Optimisation Services provides a number of advantages and immediate benefits to the company, including:

  • Overview & visibility of the current license inventory on SAP licenses
  • Advice and recommendations for optimising the license situation
  • Validation of the commercial justification for the existing SAP agreement
  • Optimisation of SAP Packages licenses
  • Validation of the current conformity of licenses on the SAP Packages licenses

Organisations must now understand and take pro-active, full control over their software asset management strategy, as optimising SAM Today will ensure them to be prepared for the growing IT complexities of tomorrow and audits from all major software vendors.

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Crayon goes far beyond basic licensing baseline services to fully understand your business objectives, the infrastructure that exists around your SAP system, and how these elements intersect, to build a complete license management plan that gives you back control of your SAP licenses.

Crayon SAP Optimisation Service is divided into four services: 


SAP Licensing Agreement Baseline 

With a Crayon SAP License Agreement Baseline the company’s current licensing situation in the SAP environment is analysed and documented – What is installed, what is used and which valid licenses do we have? After the analysis of the current SAP environment follows recommendations on how this is improved.

SAP Business Process Analysis

A Crayon SAP Business Process Analysis consist of a report where the company gets a clear overview of the internal purchasing processes and internal stakeholders to SAP.

Named User Optimisation Report

Crayon Named User Optimisation Report is an add-on to the SAP License Agreement Baseline, where the company gets an evaluation of the cost of the current SAP agreement, which results in a renewed negotiation power towards renewal or renegotiation of SAP agreements.

Package Usage Report

Crayon Package Usage Report is an add-on to SAP License Agreement Baseline. In this report, the company gets a full overview of unused or excess licenses for recycling or trading when purchasing new licenses.