Creative Cloud For Education

Adobe A NEW Licensing Option For Primary and Secondary Schools

Adobe and Crayon can provide you with the tools you need to be the Creators of the Future.

Whether you’re an educator developing a more engaging curriculum; an administrator working to improve collaboration; or a student creating school projects and portfolios, Adobe offers you tools that can help you excel.

Bring Adobe Creative Cloud to your school with a new, affordable, easy to manage licensing option available through the Adobe Value Incentive Plan.

You’ll enhance teaching and learning while helping your students develop essential digital skills for classroom assignments, college and career success. 


Keep it simple. Keep it sensible. And keep the savings.

Adobe Buying Programs give institutions of all sizes cost-effective options and the control they need to put the right Adobe tools into the hands of students and staff.

The Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is a subscription licensing program with ascending discount levels for additional purchases, and puts the right licenses into the right hands.

VIP includes Adobe Creative Cloud device licenses, exclusively for education, that are ideal for classrooms and labs. There is also a new, cost-effective K–12 site license, and VIP includes a centralised management tool for easily adding and administering licenses.

What does VIP provide?

  • Centralised control: Centralised deployment gives everyone access to new products as soon as they’re released.
  • Automatic compliance: With the Admin Console, you always know how many licenses are deployed and who’s using them.
  • Term options: Meet education budget cycles by choosing the length of your subscription - 1 year, 18 months or up to 4 years.
  • Teacher and student-friendly: There is work-at-home licensing for educators, as well as bring-your-own-device support for students.
  • Complete flexibility: Dynamic organisations can add and remove licenses to meet their unique needs.

For further information about the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) click here.

Creative Cloud for Education How Crayon Can Help

Creative Cloud gives you the latest versions of every Adobe creative tool which enable seamless ways to share and collaborate.

Adobe and Crayon can provide you with the tools to aid the Creators of the Future, and we can support you to:

  • Give your teachers the power to inspire
  • Give your students new power to express
  • Give you new ways to collaborate, giving your establishment the competitive edge

How we can help you?

  • Work across desktop and mobile: Adobe’s leading desktop apps have been extended to work on mobile devices…now your students, educators and staff can work wherever inspiration strikes!
  • Collaborating made easy: The Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps are seamlessly connected, enabling users to share creative assets.
  • Resources: Dedicated call centre support and a dedicated online portal.
  • Flexible licensing to fit your needs: Whether you need to purchase licensing for a small group of department or your entire school – Crayon can help you find a license option to meet your requirements.
  • Budget predictability and cost savings with one annual contract.