Migrating from SAP to SQL Server 2016

Benefits of SQL vs SAP

USING SAP HANA? Benefit from Deeper Insights with SQL Server 2016

SQL Server is a robust, enterprise level database, with simple to use features that provides users with a mature, powerful platform that supports their business needs.

Setting it apart from SAP's tool, HANA, which is far more complex when it comes to userbility and efficiency, SQL Server has an administrative nature as well as agile development capabilities, making it an easy to use platform that isn't overloaded with unnecessary features.

A recent Gartner survey ("Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems") found HANA had the highest number of users reporting bugs when compared to other vendors, and the platform also received the second lowest score for support.

Considering 80% of SAP installations still run on Oracle platforms, organisations using HANA would typically require a comprehensive migration project, making the process of migrating much more complex and expensive than it needs to be.

SQL Server on the other hand is fully robust and delivers breakthrough performance, with solid levels of support should it be required.

Other Key Differentiators to Consider

Stability & Performance

The stability of HANA is questionable, when compared with SQL Server 2016's enhanced in-memory performance, that is expected to provide up to 30x faster transactions and more than 100x faster queries than disk-based relational databases and real-time operational analytics.

Execution & Purpose

The Gartner survey referenced above suggests that HANA is over promising and under delivering. With SAP driving its customers to use HANA as a general-purpose platform, users of Gartner's client inquiry service provide evidence that the platform is not sufficiently functional for this.

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