Microsoft Azure

MICROSOFT AZURE Microsoft's Cloud Computing Platform

Gale-force winds generate tremendous power but if you’re going to harness their energy you need the right equipment. The same applies to boosting your computing power – you need the correct tools to increase your bandwidth.

Microsoft Azure gives you the ability to plug into vast computing power at a price plan that makes business sense. And with our Azure tools, working out how to switch is a breeze.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Three Solutions in One

With three products combined into one affordable user-based subscription, EMS provides unparalleled solution value: enable secure access with Azure Active Directory, protect shared information with Azure Rights Management Service, and manage devices and apps with Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Active Directory makes access easy for those who should have it and prevents those who shouldn’t. It helps you connect the right people to the information and resources they need.

  • Make savings by reducing support requests with self-service functionality like password reset
  • Protect your data with affordable multi-factor authentication
  • Offer users single sign-on access across all their apps, PCs, and devices

Microsoft Azure Rights Management Service (RMS)

RMS enables information sharing while keeping data protected.

  • Effortlessly apply rights management protection to information and files
  • Help protect information sent in email by preventing viewing, editing, and forwarding
  • Restrict editing, copying, and printing files to specific people and groups

Microsoft Intune

Cost-effectively manage PCs and mobile devices from the cloud with Microsoft Intune while gaining mobile flexibility and controlling BYOD.

  • Easily manage the devices and apps used at work, whether company-issued or employee-owned
  • Combine with Office to prevent copy-and-paste from company apps into personal ones
  • Remotely remove corporate data and apps when a device is lost, stolen, or retired from employee use


WHITEPAPER The Functions, Features & Benefits of Azure

What would you do with a limitless IT budget? Upgrade to the latest PCs? Update your software? With the advent of Big Data and the Internet of Things, there’s one thing all businesses can’t get enough of, storage.

This whitepaper explores the Microsoft Azure offering, its features and capabilities and asks: should I move to a hybrid IT environment? Should I take the leap and harness the colossal power of Azure?

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Harness the Colossal Power of Azure

Azure offers incredible productivity, cost savings and increased flexibility, but how do you know if it’s for you? And how do you get your existing servers and apps there without stepping into a licensing wind tunnel?

This webinar looks at how Azure could free up your business to explore new horizons, and give you a firm footing when it comes to managing licensing.