Optimising the Modern Data Platform

Managing Data Vulnerabilities

Protect Your Organisation Multi-Layered Security Features

In this digital age, all businesses need to be wary of cyber-crime. 2016 saw a 22% increase in cyber-crime, with 52% of businesses reporting some form of digital attack.

The data landscape is perpetually changing. Not only is the volume and variety of data being captured expanding in its variety and complexity, but greater data connectivity between employees and businesses has led to them increasingly becoming a risk end-point.

An essential part of protecting against data loss is to have a good back-up and disaster recovery strategy in place, and SQL Server 2016 has you covered.

With SQL Server 2016, you can back up your databases, run test restores procedures and store copies of backups in a safe, off-site location protecting you from potentially catastrophic data loss.

SQL Server 2016 Combat Modern Security Threats

SQL Server 2016 raises the bar for data security, providing new and enhanced features to protect data from threats.

It contains all the tools you need to ensure that your data is protected at every level and is certified by the Common Criteria to meet top industry standards.

Make it simple to protect your business from dangers both physical and virtual, whilst still providing the freedom needed for roles to be performed to a high level without restriction.

  • Protect your data at every level of your business
  • Ensure the only people who can access your data are the people you trust
  • Encrypt files so they are only legible to the people you want to read them
  • Maintain a secure environment by managing the permissions and user actions
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In the third webinar, Managing Data Vulnerabilities, we delve into the murky world of cyber-crime and look at how you can improve data management whilst keeping data, systems, and people, secure. During this webinar we'll discover...

  • Why you need more than one level of protection
  • How should you manage identity across your organisation
  • Why back-up and disaster recovery is important

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