Windows 10

Software Assurance & Windows 10

SOFTWARE ASSURANCE An Entirely New Way to License Windows

Windows Software Assurance Per User puts users at the center of their devices and provides flexibility on how Windows is accessed.

Providing a premium Windows experience across devices, Software Assurance delivers simpler license management to organisations that want the flexibility to use the device and Windows edition that meets their business scenarios.

Gaining the simplicity of counting users instead of all of devices as well as supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios, Software Assurance negates the need to track every device and license.

User Centric

Put your users at the center of your licensing solution.

  • Licensing by user frees your users to use or access Windows across all their devices, including iOS and Android devices. With per user licensing, it doesn’t matter who owns the device or whether the device is on or off premises.


Deliver Windows Enterprise across devices.

  • Windows Software Assurance per User and Windows VDA per User give you flexible options for how you deploy and access Windows across devices.


Simplify licensing and management.

  • Count just users with primary PCs, instead of every single device. Choose Windows VDA per User across your organisation, and eliminate the need to count devices and track whether they have a qualifying operating system (subject to license assignment restrictions).

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