Nuance Licensing

Nuance Licensing Program

The Nuance Volume License Program is a simple and flexible way to allow users to install and use Nuance’s award-winning software products on several computers.

Save time and money!

Quite simply: the more you buy, the more cost effective the program becomes. Your pricing is based on the size of your transaction.

With the Nuance Volume License program, you only need one electronic or physical copy of the product. The license allows users to install the same software on the specified number of machines. No more calls to register products; no more manuals and boxes taking up space in the office; no more inconsistency of versions – everybody is using exactly the same product.

  • Low Entry Point: Available for customers wishing to install 5 or more licenses
  • Simple Installation: One serial number can be used to install and manage the software on multiple computers within your organisation.
  • Clearly Legal Software: The customer obtains the full right to copy the software on the number of computers that has been agreed.
  • Pre-sales Support: A Nuance account manager can help you select the right product. The Nuance software license includes worldwide use and multi-language editions.

Nuance Volume Maintenance and Support Program:

The maintenance program keeps your investment current by continuously upgrading covered products for a period of 12 months. You will be billed for one year at the moment of purchase of the Nuance products. The maintenance term can be renewed for another 12 months before the current period expires. Using the Nuance Volume Maintenance and Support Program, you will be able to keep current with the latest and most innovative Nuance products.