SAM-iQ SAM-iQ Step by Step
SAM-iQ Program Step by Step

The SAM-iQ Program is a total solution for how software asset management can be effectively deployed and rooted in a company to keep license and IT costs down and reduce the risk of incompliance.

The program is a structured framework that includes a wide range of best practice templates and standards, program tools, GAP analyses, training, support, etc. SAM-iQ helps companies to continuously introduce SAM, compliance and licensing processes and gradually achieve a higher and higher maturity level.

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The SAM-iQ Program is divided into 4 phases:

  • Planning - The Planning Phase is primarily concerned with setting the correct environment for SAM and involves assessing and managing the current maturity levels and risk, whilst also defining the ownership, the scope, the roles and responsibilities and the approval of the overall management objectives. 
  • Implementation - The Implementation Phase focuses on ensuring the SAM plan and all of the necessary tools and processes of the SAM-iQ framework are in place and are ready to be maintained and optimised. 
  • Maintenance - The Maintenance Phase focuses on maintaining the implemented SAM system and ensures that regular reviews are in place to validate that the program is delivering the expected outcomes, paving the way for the process of continuous improvement. 
  • Optimisation - The Optimisation Phase continues with the improvement of the SAM processes, driving operational efficiencies and tangible benefits.

Companies that implement the SAM-iQ Program will build knowledge, skills and processes that answer and address key SAM and compliance issues such as:

  • What is our current SAM state measured against a desired future state, the latter being based on Crayon SAM-IQ standards?
  • What tasks should we do to boost the company's maturity on SAM?
  • How should we prioritise and target our SAM efforts over time?
  • How do we create overview and visibility in the software and licensing environment?
  • How can we develop and implement our policies?
  • How should we design our SAM processes to ensure efficient procurement, rollout and retirement of company assets?
  • How can we standardise our software portfolio and establish effective version management processes?
  • How do we obtain and maintain license compliance?
  • How do we prepare the company to handle the audit process?