Workplace by Facebook Transform Your Teammate Collaboration!

Workplace by Facebook combines next-generation technology and easy-to-use features to transform communications, culture and workflows inside organisations of all shapes, sizes and industries. 

The agile communication platform, brings a seamless yet familiar employee engagement model into organisations and allows people to connect, communicate and collaborate with as much speed, flexibility and simplicity as they do in their personal lives.

It allows teammates to share their voices and discover new and intuitive ways of working together.


The Power of Partnership TeamWork360 from Crayon

Individual apps can do phenomenal things but sometimes they can have the unintended consequence of isolating information and communications by splintering it into different places.

TeamWork360 by Crayon is a powerful integration solution that brings information back to where the conversation is happening, allowing teams to create, share, get feedback and make the decisions they need to get the work done.

By integrating Workplace with your Microsoft technology stack, it allows you to combine the innovative communication features of Workplace, with your existing applications, through one single connected experience, giving you the best of both worlds.

Teammates can continue using the Microsoft tools that they already know and love to collaborate and share files, whilst leveraging fast, friction-free and familiar ways of connecting with their wider organisation through Workplace.

TeamWork360 forms a truly perfect partnership and enables the two technologies to work better together so teammates can achieve more, by doing less.

To learn more about how TeamWork360 can help boost your productivity, join our webinar. Click here to find out more.