Software & Cloud Analytics Assessment Services

Delivery Clarity From Complexity

Many customers lack the required technical expertise to implement an enterprise wide assessment of their technology estate. Indeed in recent years the rise of cloud and hybrid environments and the trend to line of business technology procurement has led to a potential 'black hole of knowledge' within the IT function regarding what technology id being deployed and crucially is it being used in line with the entitlements of the relevant licenses.

Unfortunately for many the above has coincided with a reduction in the availability of appropriately skilled technical resources meaning many enterprises are struggling for correct and accurate visibility of their technology entitlements and usage.

Crayon are able to offer customer's deep and comprehensive support across a variety of technical assessment services that will provide clarity from complexity and help the contemporary IT professional navigate a complex and potentially hazardous environment. Whether you are looking to understand a simple baseline evaluation of an existing environment, are planning an implementation or review of you current ITAM/SAM Governance structures or need support as part of an ROI evaluation of moving all or part of your infrastructure to the cloud we have an ideal assessment service.

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