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Crayon exceeds $1 Billion USD in market cap

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(OSLO, Norway) -- Crayon, a global leader in digital transformation services, announced today that its market cap has exceeded $1 billion USD, making it one of the few Norwegian companies to accomplish this feat.

"I am very pleased that Crayon has crossed such a significant milestone,” said Crayon CEO Torgrim Takle. “We have a solid business growth strategy that is reflected in our rapid global expansion and success and we’ve been able to do it all on our own, much like a unicorn.”

A unicorn is a term that refers to the extremely rare, privately held startup that is valued at over $1 billion USD. Crossing the billion-dollar threshold is impressive for any organization.

"We began as a startup in Oslo and through our entrepreneurial spirit, have grown to more than 35 countries and are represented in 80 percent of the addressable market,” Takle said.

This accomplishment comes amid uncertain economic times, but Crayon has consistently demonstrated financial success. Its latest quarterly earnings broke financial records for the 10th consecutive quarter and it was recently named one of the five largest IT firms based in Norway.

"We are in a fast-growing industry because businesses are investing in technology and cloud solutions to improve their resilience and digital capability,” Takle said. “This increased demand gives us a very optimistic outlook for the future.”






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About Crayon:

Crayon helps customers build the commercial and technical foundation for a successful digital transformation journey through a reliable services framework allowing our customers to right-size and optimize their IT estates to unlock technology’s potential and innovation. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Crayon has over 1600 employees across approximately 50 locations worldwide.