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Crayon announces it is the main sponsor for Vålerenga hockey club

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 (OSLO, Norway) – Crayon, a global leader in digital transformation services, announced today that it is the main sponsor of the Vålerenga hockey club, Norway’s most winning sports team.

The partnership is the first of its kind for both Vålerenga and Crayon and it comes with a bit of historical significance: Crayon co-founder Rune Syversen used to play for Vålerenga in the 1990s.

“Hockey taught me a lot about teamwork and I’ve taken the lessons I learned on the ice and applied them to founding this company, which is now nearly 18 years old and has grown to be in more than 30 countries,” said Syversen, whose time with the team includes when they became league champions in the 1995-96 season.

The new sponsorship was the brainchild of Tor Ødegaard, Global Marketing Director of Crayon Group.

“Partnering with Vålerenga just made sense for us, the culture that drives the team is the same that drives our success in Crayon,” said Ødegaard.

That common ground and Crayon’s approach to innovation is what helped inspire the sponsorship.

“We wanted to partner with Crayon because they think outside of the box,” said Glenn Jensen, Vålerenga marketing chief. “They wanted to take the sponsorship and make it bigger and found new ways to leverage this type of relationship, plus the hockey connection with their co-founder Rune was really cool.”

Under the sponsorship, Crayon can use the new 5,500-seat stadium for events such as technology conferences, customer meetings and VIP amenities. Also, Crayon employees can also work out weekly with the team’s trainers.

“The way that Crayon invests in its employees is the same that we invest in our athletes,” said Jensen. “There is a lot of common ground between Vålerenga and Crayon.”

Crayon Norway employees are excited about the new sponsorship.

“Supporting a championship ice hockey club is an important piece of our new initiative to give back to our local sports community as well as boost our company culture,” said Geir Gulliksen, CEO of Crayon Norway. “This is a historic sponsorship and we are looking forward to being part of the Vålerenga family.”


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