Modern Workplace as a Service Modern Workplace as a Service

Organisations, big and small, can change quickly. Changing employee expectations, diverse and distributed teams and an increasingly complex threat environment are all common in the Modern Workplace. These pressures require us to have a responsive, modern workplace to meet our changing business needs.

Crayon’s Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS) has been created through a combination of working with and supporting thousands of customers. Through understanding their needs for today's environment and a deep knowledge of how organisations and their employees can get the most from technology when utilising ‘Modern Workplace’ practices.

Key Elements Creating Crayon's MWaaS

3 Key elements come together to create Crayon’s MWaaS:

  • Optimisation: Understanding your current licensing position, optimising its use and finding the most cost effective strategies for your organisation
  • Collaboration: Creating an environment for modern communications and collaboration, maximising employee productivity and providing management with the intelligence on the performance of both people and technology
  • Empowerment: Enabling every individual to be able to use the technology and productivity tools provided
Crayon What is in Crayon’s MWaaS?

This combination of services provides the most cost effective solution on the market. Not only will this enable you to ensure that you are making the best purchasing decisions but that you are also maximising the technology your teams need in order to communicate and collaborate on a day to day basis.

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