When AI meets IoT | Speakers Andrey Filipyev, Lead Developer, Dodo Pizza


"Auto Procurement: Forecasting Ingredients as the first step of developing the system"

Dodo Pizza is the world's fastest  growing pizzas' chain. Each pizzeria used to buy raw ingredients for food production 2-8 times a month with volume being determined by local managers, thus, there was no centralized system to estimate the expected demand and the required quantity of ingredients. The purpose of this project was to create the system of ingredients consumption forecasting and the company implemented AI solution as the first step of developing auto procurement system which predicts the groceries needed for its pizza shops in the next days. It enabled the company to plan the kind and amount of ingredients needed to buy for production, save costs and avoid loss of revenue due to products shortage. In his presentation, Andrey will deep dive into the solution, its implementation and how it helped Dodo Pizza in its daily business.



Andrey is a data scientist in Dodo Brands and responsible for the use of machine learning algorithms in different directions from supply chain to menu ranking. Currently he is working on Auto Procurement project which core is based on the forecasting module.


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