When AI meets IoT | Speakers Dag Cummings, Chief Partner Execution Officer, Crayon


"Partnering with Crayon: develop your AIoT practice, secure new growth and deliver profitable projects"

In his session Dag will present Crayon’s accelerated partner development program designed to give you instant and bespoke access to support, tools and expertise during four key stages of your AIoT practice.


4 Pillars of Success:

- BUILDING the foundations of your IoT practice

- DEVELOPING your business and client service

- DELIVERING projects profitably and effectively

- MANAGING ongoing needs and maximizing your competitive advantage



As Chief Partner Execution Officer Dag's focus is building relationships and providing strategic direction to ensure accelerated growth and profit both internally and externally with sales and marketing, product development, partners, strategic alliances and end customers.

Dag is a visionary entrepreneur and Senior Business Developer who have worked with both large international corporations and early stage start-ups to help them expand and refine their business.

This includes both Microsoft and their partners who Dag has worked with both on a local and international scale.

His experience is both broad and deep with a unique perspective of having been on both sides of the fence which allows him to guide small companies as well as effectively engaging large multinationals.

Dag is highly motivated and driven by international work across borders, nationalities, languages and cultures. A vast amount of travel around the world has been a part of most of his roles and he thrive being “on the road”.


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