When AI meets IoT | Speakers David Cox, Business Development Director, Turnua


"Achieving Better Asset Management and Establishing AIoT Practice"

Turnua is one of Crayon AIoT partners and is delivering innovative AIoT solutions to customers within the Energy sector, Telco, Utility,  Construction and Aviation industries. David will share his experience in establishing the company's AIoT practice by utilizing Crayon's Accelerated Partner Development Program which consists of four key stages: Building, Developing, Delivering and Managing.



David is Co-Founder and Business Development Director at Turnua. David has specialist expertise in the Energy, Telco, Utility, Construction.

David previously spent his early years in various technical and operations management roles within Meteor Mobile. With Irelands incumbent Telecommunications operator Eir’s acquisition of Meteor Mobile, David took the opportunity to became a member within the ‘change management project team’, with clear vision of the changes, and desire to advocate for and facilitate the changes, while supporting the team in integrating these new changes.

On the back of the above project , David founded SECTO Services, a utilities services company, which he took from zero to 18M. Euro, by providing key supplier communications services. David used industry specific innovation forums and strategic partnerships, with other European wide service providers, thereby bringing the very best practices in delivering value to customers in Ireland.

Currently, David has surrounded himself with a specialist team to engage in the start-up, ProcessUs. This is a ‘Process as a Service’ provider based in Dublin Ireland and Lviv Ukraine, who support organisations by leveraging the ‘Microsoft Power Platform’ and our low cost processing centre in Lviv Ukraine.

David believes in his mission, and has consistently displayed a high level capability, energy and ambition, which he is able to imbue into his team, customers and collaborators.


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