When AI meets IoT | Speakers Florian Rosenberg, Director of AI Centre of Excellence for Europe, Crayon


"Embracing AI and IoT at Crayon"

AI and IoT are one of the key Crayon's areas of expertise. Thus, in his presentation Florian will provide a tour of the company's AI and IoT highlights, facts and figures as well as practical use cases in the area of smart factories, carbon footprint reduction and predictive maintenance. 



Florian Rosenberg is the Technical Director of Crayon’s Data & AI Center of Excellence for Europe where he leads the data science and engineering teams and owns the overall technical strategy. He has a strong passion for making businesses successful with AI and Machine Learning. Before joining Crayon, he worked in several leadership roles across the globe and spent a significant portion of his career building innovate cloud and AI products for IBM Watson, for example, Deep Learning as a Service. Florian earned his PhD in Computer Science from TU Wien, holds 6 patents and published several highly cited academic papers.


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