When AI meets IoT | Speakers Gábor Szabó, Sr. Manufacturing Industry Executive for CEE, Microsoft


"How advanced analytics and IoT can keep food and drink flow safely from farm to table?"

In his presentation Gabor will talk about Microsoft's customer Tetra Pak, a supplier of food processing and packaging solutions to manufacturers in more than 175 countries, which uses the cloud to foresee machine problems—or spot breakdowns—reducing plant downtimes and the high costs they carry.
By connecting packaging lines to Microsoft Azure, Tetra Pak collects operational data to help predict informed maintenance timing. If repairs are needed, Tetra Pak service engineers use Microsoft HoloLens headsets to diagnose and fix machine issues, even in remote locations.



Gabor Szabo is the manufacturing industry lead in CEE.
He works with manufacturing customers across Central and Eastern Europe, matches and designs industry solutions to their needs: Digital Supply Chain, Demand Forecasting, Connected Factory, Predictive analytics based on IoT data, Digital Twin, SMED/OEE optimization, Quote-to-Cash process, First Line worker solutions.

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