When AI meets IoT | Speakers Martin Gruber, AI Advisor, Crayon


"Data-Driven Retail: using AIoT to build new services"

Retailers need to increasingly turn to data, analytics and technology to make better business decisions and guide customer initiatives. While some retailers are still learning how to best collect customer data and leverage technology, others possess it but are unsure what to do next. This brief we are illustrating how retailers can use IoT and AI in their stores and online to learn about customer behaviors, reduce theft, streamline shopping experiences, and more and get data insights to develop for new services.



Martin Gruber is AI Advisor at Crayon’s AI Centre of Excellence in Vienna. Crayon helps its customers in their Digital Journey by using DATA & AI. As we know, it is not only about Technology, it is about HUMAN.
This is why Martin helps customers to put the Human in the center and identify how technology can help them doing things better and faster than they did before. His attitude for Innovation, Advisory and Cloud is combined with extensive technical and economical knowledge. During the last years he was successfully helping many global companies and brands cross industry to transform supported by many technologies and innovation processes.
His goal is to help companies identifying how technologies can help them make life easier and how to become more datadriven.


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