Crayon Baltics digital event When AI meets IoT

Artificial Intelligecne of Things AI-powered analytics & IoT-generated data

Nowadays data is at the heart of every company's Digital Transformation journey with Artificial Intelligence being a crucial part of it. However, AI systems would struggle to be relevant in business processes without the IoT-generated data pouring in and vice versa – IoT devices and the data they make throughout the network would have limited value without AI-powered analytics. 

Together AI and IoT form a powerful force called AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) which can transform industries and help them make more intelligent decisions from the explosive growth of data.  

With AI and IoT being one of the key Crayon's areas of expertise the company is here to help to optimize your organization's systems, generate higher performance and business insights as well as to create data which helps to make better decisions and that the system can learn from. 

Join us at Crayon Baltics digital event “When AI meets IoT” and hear more about AI and IoT and how it can help your business by enabling you to create new value propositions, business models, save costs and improve customer experience. 

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Meet the speakers Microsoft, Crayon, Dodo Pizza, Horion Digital representatives
Meet the moderators Linas, Martin and Artūrs