When AI meets IoT Agenda

An overview of the sessions:

• Keynote (not industry specific & available to everyone)

An overview of AI, IoT and AIoT, technology trends, impact to products and services and practical examples of AI and IoT projects implementation.

• Retail 

The importance of data, security and management of AI and IoT, the role and impact of technology on retail organizations and how it can help you to increase online customer experience and baset size by 50%.

• Food & Beverages Manufacturing 

The importance and role of data, advanced analytics and IoT in the industry, AI-driven demand forecasting and supply planning.

• Partner

Everything you need to know about how to partner with Crayon and build your AIoT practice, secure new growth and deliver profitable projects. 


All of the sessions will be recorded, thus, if you'll feel sorry to miss one of them, do not worry! You will be able to watch and enjoy on-demand version.


Keynote Session Agenda

Food & Beverages Production Session Agenda

Retail Session Agenda

Partner Session Agenda