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Snow Software Snow Optimizer for SAP Software

Snow Optimizer for SAP Software enables companies to achieve the transparency and understanding necessary to actively optimise and manage their SAP deployments.

From the world’s leading Software Asset Management provider, Snow Optimizer for SAP Software provides various analysis which identify and isolate named SAP users that are obsolete, duplicate or wrongly assigned. It gives you an exact understanding of your SAP baseline inventory and entitlements enabling you to optimise your SAP expenditure and entitlements, potentially saving your organisation millions.

With Snow Optimizer for SAP Software you can: 

  • View consolidated usage data across all SAP systems
  • Automate SAP user license administration
  • Highlight potential indirect access
  • Proactively monitor licensing with automated warnings
  • Trigger system measurement
  • Automate retirement and recycling of assets
  • Centrally manage contracts and addendums
  • Contain HANA license costs
  • Install and manage within the SAP environment (SAP certified)
  • Ensure better ROI and negotiating position

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Snow Optimizer for SAP Software View Consolidated Usage Data Across All SAP Systems

Classifying users and applying the correct license type based upon their usage can be very difficult and time consuming, especially when users access many SAP systems.

Snow Optimizer for SAP Software provides a single-pane view of usage across all systems, relieving SAP Administrators of the task of gathering data from disparate systems and manually collating it. This saves significant time and eliminates the risk of errors introduced by manual processes.

Snow Optimizer for SAP Software eliminates duplicate, obsolete and erroneous user names, preventing unwanted or unintended access to the system and reducing unnecessary expenditure. It also profiles engine measurement data for all systems, another crucial piece of information required for correct licensing.


  • Full visibility across over the entire SAP estate
  • Enhanced system security
  • Consolidated view of role usage data
SNOW OPTIMIZER FOR SAP SOFTWARE Automate SAP User License Administration

With its ability to define usage profiles based on consumption data, Snow Optimizer for SAP Software can automate license classifications against a user population. Because the costs of these different licenses vary so widely, it’s crucial to allocate users the license type that fits their true needs.

By identifying which users best match a specific usage profile, Administrators can accurately determine if a user is correctly licensed or needs to be reclassified. Automated rules can reclassify users so that their license best matches their actual needs. This task can be scheduled or run whenever required.


  • Accurate license reccomendations 
  • Automatic user-license classification
  • Increased value from existing SAP license
  • Reduced exposure to unforeseen costs at the time of audit
Indirect Access Are You at Risk?

Every user who creates, reads, or manipulates SAP data (whether directly or indirectly) must be authorised and licensed to do so. The financial liabilities for indirect access can be significant and costly.

There are indicators of named user activity that are tell-tale signs of the SAP system being accessed by third-party applications. Snow Optimizer for SAP Software rapidly identifies potential indirect access based upon these anomalous activities.

The solution reports on communications to and from external third-party systems to identify the originating user in the third-party system, highlighting the users who are indirectly querying SAP and through which system. It also reconciles third party users against named users within the SAP system.

Through this functionality, Snow Optimizer for SAP Software provides comprehensive data about Indirect Access which enables the organisation to significantly reduce financial exposure and to highlight risk in the future.

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