Cloud Easy Services Cloud Advisory and Budgeting

Cloud Advisory - Assessment

Crayon will conduct an assessment of the current on premise systems, and inventory management across the enterprise. This assessment will include a methodical step-by-step approach for determining the organization’s cloud maturity that will include recommendations for Cloud. In addition, Crayon will develop a cloud migration roadmap that can be used for advancement of cloud adoption and the benefits that may be achieved.

A detailed planning activity conducted by Crayon will help your organization put their migration priorities in perspective which will be a result of conducting the initial assessment. Consequently, your organization will have a clear understanding of current workloads and their compatibility to the Cloud. Based on this phase, Crayon will help create a clear plan for Cloud migration.

The service is charged on an hourly basis.


Cloud Easy Advisory – Budgetary Pack

Being technically ready is one thing but there is much more that is required to be successful. Most companies fail to showcase the right kind of ROI and TCO calculations which is the reason for many projects being unsuccessful. Crayon can help you create the relevant financial justification around your cloud needs through Return On Investment (ROI) calculations for migration, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculations based on current billing analysis.

This service is charged per pre-defined environment.