Cloud Easy Services Cloud Identity

Identity Management is crucial to everyone and in the cloud, it can become an overly complex and time-consuming exercise. Every deployment should start with conversations on how identities are managed and how the right permissions are allocated. This ensures the right individuals have access to the right on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud resources at the right times for the right reasons. Crayons ID Management offering allows us to work with customers to:

  • Define user group resource policies in AD
  • Implement Single Sign-on
  • Federate Identities across platforms and apps
  • Handle rights management
  • Develop a mature ID Management policy

This service is charged at a fixed price per domain.

Cloud ID

These are identities that exist solely in the cloud. In the case of Cloud AD, they would reside specifically in your Cloud AD directory. We will help you create these users with the defined access.


Hybrid ID

Hybrid ID creating involves creating on premise IDs in Cloud. The users have to be created or joined with the existing AD account keeping in mind the synchronization time intervals. Our service assist partners to facilitate the setup end to end.


Federated ID

Users can have single sign-on (SSO). If a user is terminated or leaves, the account can be immediately disabled and access revoked. This requires More steps to setup and configure and is also high maintenance. May require additional hardware for the STS infrastructure and for federation server. May need additional software is required if AD FS is used. Require extensive setup for SSO.


Multi Factor ID

It delivers strong authentication via a range of easy verification options—phone call, text message, or mobile app notification and one-time passwords—allowing users to choose the method they prefer. The Layered risk analysis examines far more than credential validity