Modern Workplace as a Service Collaboration
Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Coming Together

Crayon have developed a market leading communication and collaboration proposition unlike any other available in the market today.  Designed specifically to support your move to modern working practices through Skype for Business and Teams.

Skype and Teams are coming together providing a single pane of glass to the best of functionality from O365, fundamentally forming the basis for the future of modern working.  To learn more about how this transformation can impact your organisation, please register for our webinar by clicking on the banner below.

INTRODUCING Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is core to Intelligent Communications - bringing together conversations, meetings, files, Office applications and third-party integrations. Providing a single hub for teamwork in Office 365.

Microsoft teams is now being used in over 125,000 organisations across the world in just under a year of its launch – proving that teamwork is essential in the way work gets completed in the modern workplace.

Teams is built on a new, modern Skype infrastructure – providing speed and higher quality communication experiences.

Microsoft Teams How does it work?

An intuitive virtual space helping employees work closer, no matter their location and brings forth the power of Microsoft 365 creating a truly world class communications, collaboration and productivity suite.

  • Communicate to your teammates in the moment and keep everyone up-to-date
  • Stay connected with chat, calls and meetings within your team, private or group conversations
  • Schedule or join online skype meetings
  • Share files, applications or  your desktop in online meetings
  • Have a dedicated phone number

You can run Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business side by side, to evaluate and explore the best options for your organisation. 

Skype for Business Enterprise Communications and Collaboration

Skype for Business is providing the natural choice for enterprises globally, migrating away from traditional PBX technology in favor of Unified Communications.

The native integration of Skype for Business with the Microsoft desktop that 97% of all organisations use today enables you to utilise your technology investment.

  • Enterprise Voice:  Enterprise voice capabilities combined with video on any device from any location.  
  • Collaboration:  Share your screen and collaborate live with colleagues, suppliers and customers.
  • Video/ Web Conferencing:  Conduct online multi party meetings and record for future use.  Extend this capability, turning meeting rooms in video conferencing suites.
  • Instant Messaging & Presence:  View the status of those you need to work with in an instant, ensuring they are available and escalate to voice, video and/ or collaboration as required.
  • Federation Services:  Native integration with other Microsoft 365 and Skype users enables closer working with your external suppliers and customers.
Implementing Teams and Skype for Business Successfully with Crayon

Crayon consultants have deployed thousands of successful seats, utilising our extensive expertise. Crayon will work closely with you to consider the key elements that must be addressed for you to achieve a successful implementation.

In order to ensure that the applications are not only deployed, but used within your business and to their full potential, consideration must be given to the following:

  • Areas of your communications infrastructure
  • What are you trying to achieve - ROI, productivity gains, cost savings?
  • Ways to ensure your employees want to adopt new functionalities, ways of working
  • How will you provide the knowledge and ability for your employees to adopt the new technologies?
  • How will you provide training around the new functionalities?
  • How will you monitor and report on the effectiveness of ROI and productivity gains?
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