Modern Workplace as a Service Empower your (remote) workforce
Empower-iQ Increase productivity through e-learning

Ensure your remote workforce is empowered to utilize the Microsoft Office 365 collaboration tools to its fullest.

Available Now: 6 Month FREE trial (no credit card needed) 

With Crayon’s Empower-iQ e-learning portal your employees always have quick-help tutorial video’s at hand to successfully work with the Microsoft productivity, communication and collaboration tools.

The challenges your employees may be faced with:

  • How do I set-up a conference call, take meeting notes and share files in Teams?
  • How do I use OneNote to stay organized and collaborate across workgroups?
  • How do I create a SharePoint communication site to publish and share information?

    These and many other skills can easily be adopted by your workforce through Empower-iQ to do more with the allocated technology, increase productivity and improve everyday working live.

With Empower-iQ:

  • 88% of users increase their comfort level with Microsoft Teams
  • 68% of users learned a feature they will use in the next month.
  • 42% of users increase confidence with using Excel
Empower-iQ Features


  • 4000+ learning materials

  • Individual learning pathways

  • Online training with Office365 experts

  • Management reporting

  • Flexible scheduling of training events

Components Of the Empower-iQ Service

Empower-iQ benefits for your business

  • Ensure your workforce embraces the modern way of working
  • Enable new starters to utilize the productivity tools supplied to them
  • Decrease support expenses by preempting helpdesk calls and reducing training demands
  • Eliminate software spend by removing duplicate contracts and forgo unused software spend

Crayon can help you with

  • User adoption consultants - dedicated & experienced in developing customer focused user adoption programs
  • Communications and planning - Crayon will work with you to create awareness among your employees regarding the change that is coming and why it is of value.
  • LIVE user training - utilizing the best of the classroom experience with a subject matter expert but delivered cost effectively via recordable webcast.
  • Developing learning pathways - Crayon will work with you to develop relevant learning pathways for each individual employee.
  • Developing internal champions - Crayon will work with key members of your team to create internal champions helping to drive adoption and engagement within the program.
  • Yammer community - creating a community of peers supporting and sharing the learning experience.
  • Communications content - delivery of communications content supporting your internal comms strategy and raising team awareness