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NIC Masterclass with John Craddock

Microsoft Identity solutions John Craddock

New Masterclass! Microsoft Identity solutions with Azure AD, on-premises AD FS and AD

Oslo: 27th November - 1st December
Duration: 5 days
Price: NOK 30.000 / SEK 32.000.- charged in local currency

All classes held in English

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Please send an email to: kurs@crayon.no 

About the Masterclass

NIC has the pleasure to present several Masterclasses with John Craddock in 2017. The Master Class focus on Microsoft Identity solutions with Azure AD, on-premises AD FS and AD.

Limited seats available.

Complete program

Feedback from participants on the last Masterclass:

"Very useful course which gave me valuable knowledge I will use a lot in my daily work as a security engineer."

"Great course. Really well formed, pedagogic and easy to follow. It's the first time 5 days have gone so fast on a course and I still want to continue and learn more. I look forward to go back at work an follow up on my new skills. The opportunity to keep the lab environment is great! Thanks for a great week!"

"I must say that  John Craddock is the best instructor I've ever esperienced in my 30 years in IT business. Easy to understand his speaking, very good and thorough explanations, and  incredible high knowledge about all topics. A pleasure to attend :) :)"

Who should join this Masterclass Get hands-on in our labs

Come to this Masterclass written and delivered by John Craddock. Discover how the identity solutions offered by Azure Active Directory, on-premises AD FS and AD will help you build identity systems for the future using protocols that include OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0.

In the Masterclass you will learn how to authenticate and provide authorization factors to applications that can be located on-premises or in the cloud. The source of identity of the users could be from you own corporate network, your Azure AD domain, a partner organization and/or a social identity provider such as Facebook or Google. ​ The class provides detailed learning through the extensive use of hands-on labs.

Attendees will not only learn the fundamentals and principles, but also learn how-to deploy and troubleshoot the solutions. In-depth learning will be gained through the use tools, such as Fiddler, to analyse and understand the protocol flows. Microsoft Identity solutions with Azure Active Directory, on-premises AD FS and AD Who is it for? The class is primarily aimed at IT professionals. However, application developers who are tasked with integrating authentication and authorisation with Microsoft Azure and/or on-premises AD FS will greatly benefit from the detailed coverage. Code development is not included in the class, but you will learn about all of the configuration requirements. ​

What to expect

The Masterclass is a high-energy, action packed event, crammed with solid information and tips. During the 5-days John Craddock will help build your knowledge and consolidate your new skills with over 35 hands-on labs.


What others said about this class Extremely technical, extremely satisfied

​ "I believe this is the most useful course I have ever attended! John is very good at conveying the concepts and it is easy to see that he has solid knowledge and experience. He is also really taking the time to explain, not just rushing through hundreds of slides. Also, very many hands-on labs which was very good."

"Best training class ever!...I'm VERY satisfied."

"Fantastic training, better structure and execution than any training I have attended in years."

"Excellent class; fully packed with information that is spot on and very useful hands-on labs. We are amazed! John is easy to listen to and has lots of knowledge on the subject! This is probably the best course I’ve had. Time well spent! "

"John is very knowledgeable and makes the course easy to follow. After completing the class, I really feel I have in-depth knowledge about how these aspects of Azure really work and operate. Having Limited experience working With Azure, I already feel that my knowledge now exceeds what more experienced consultants claim to know."

"I really appreciate John as a trainee. He really manages the area fully. The course really opened my eyes, and we will make changes in our company environment."

Complete program

Day 1

After a comprehensive introduction to today’s identity challenges and solutions you will learn the details of the authentication protocols. This in-depth coverage of the protocols will allow you troubleshoot any problems you may encounter when deploying solutions.

Day 1 hands-on labs include:

  • Creating an Azure Active Directory
  • Installing and using Fiddler
  • Enabling Kerberos on a website
  • Tracing the WS-federation protocol
  • Investigating OpenID Connect

Day 2

After completing our investigation of the protocols, you will learn how to configure the Azure Active Directory to meet your needs. You’ll discover how Azure AD Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management enhances security for your Azure AD tenant. Through synchronizing users from an on-premises AD, you will discover how SaaS applications can be made available to on-premises and cloud users. You will see the options for configuring password synchronization and Pass-through authentication.

Day 2 hands-on labs include:

  • Adding custom domains to Azure AD
  • Self-service password resets
  • Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication Role based access control
  • Branding your portal
  • Managing Azure AD with PowerShell
  • Installing and configuring synchronization with Azure AD
  • Connect Investigating pass-through authentication

Day 3

You will start the day deploying a SaaS app to your users and configuring groups, self-service group management, and self-service application management. You will then deploy your own applications into Azure AD using both WS-Federation and OpenID Connect / Oauth2.0. You will then learn about managing permissions, roles, groups, delegation and consent. ​

Day 3 hands-on labs include:

  • Working with SaaS applications
  • Groups and self-service group management
  • Self-service application access and delegation
  • Configuring a WS-Federation App with Azure AD
  • Managing permission roles and groups
  • Defining WebAPI permissions
  • Investigating consent Multi-tenant applications

Day 4

The day starts with you working with the Azure AD Application Proxy to publish applications to the Internet. After installing/configuring AD FS and the Web Application Proxy on Server 2016, you will then learn the options for enabling federated SSO with the on-premises AD. After configuring Federated SSO, you will install and configure an OpenID Connect / OAuth 2.0 application to work with AD FS.

Day 4 hands-on labs include:

  • Publishing a claims-aware application with the Azure AD application proxy
  • Publishing an application using Windows Authentication via Kerberos Constrained Delegation
  • Installing AD FS and the WAP
  • Enabling Federated SSO
  • Installing and configuring an OpenID Connect app on AD FS
  • Managing claims AD FS claims rules ​

Day 5

The day starts looking at device registration and conditional access for both Azure AD and AD FS. We will look at the elimination of passwords using Windows Hello. We will then stretch our boundaries and see how Azure AD can open access to consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B).

Day 5 hands-on labs include:

  • Installing AD FS and the WAP
  • Enabling Federated SSO
  • Installing and configuring an OpenID Connect app on AD FS
  • Creating a B2C directory
  • Multi-tenant versus federated applications