Cloud Service Cloud Care Support

Assist & support services from Crayon contributing to:

  • Successful establishment and onboarding of your cloud services and platform

    «It is critical that the foundation you build on cloud platform is correct and built to support your future cloud services.  Errors or weaknesses in the foundation are normally time-consuming and costly to correct later on”

  • Trouble free day-to-day operations and maximum availability of a company’s cloud-based services and environment

    «Your critical IT-systems running on cloud platform should have a sufficient ‘insurance’, meaning a solid technical support service which includes escalation of critical break/fix cases to Microsoft Support”

  • Satisfied IT Operations, IT management and users with optimal productivity

Cloud Support Main support services

Main support services

Licensing & Billing support

Help and how-to support. Handles questions regarding license, billing and payment.

Onboarding & Activation support

Help and guidance during the initial onboarding and activation of MS cloud products. Examples are help with correct activation of the cloud services and administration of subscriptions in Office365.

Administrator Support

Technical help and how-to support for qualified IT personnel managing MS Cloud products. The support covers products and components delivered within the license programs and covers basic and standard setup and configuration done using the Microsoft cloud management portals.

Break/fix Support

Break-fix are technical incidents where there is a reasonable expectation that Microsoft is causing the problem. Crayon will take care of the escalation and communication with Microsoft during the incident solving phase.

Hybrid break/fix requests escalation to MS

Escalation of break/fix incidents related to customer’s hybrid environment to Microsoft Support.

Premium priority service

Service requests from customers on the Premium Support plan have top priority. Fast solution time for issues and “fast-track” to Microsoft support consultants and competence.

Cloud Support Which support plan is right for me?



Best support plan


Office 365

I am using Office 365 E1 – E3 products, with normal need of response during business hours, and occasionally the possibility to have support after business hours.

O365 Advanced support plan

The Advanced support plan includes good SLAs and 24/7 services to secure you and your cloud environment.

Office 365

I use Office 365 E5 products, with cloud voice services, or my cloud services and products are business critical on a 24/7 basis.

O365 Premium support plan

The Premium support plan gives you the highest possible SLA and top priority from Crayon.

Office 365 + hybrid

My base infrastructure consists of both cloud products and on-premise environments, and both are critical to my business.

O365 Premium support plan

The Premium support plan will give you hybrid and on-prem break/fix support service from Crayon.


I am moving my Azure environment to the production environment or my Azure environment is becoming important for my business.                                                                   

Azure Advanced support plan                                                                        

The Advanced support plan will provide you with good SLAs, 24/7 service and technical help and how-to support.


My Azure environment is business critical on a regular 24/7 basis. I have a hybrid or complex Microsoft environment.

Azure Premium support plan

The Premium support plan will give you the highest possible SLA, top priority from Crayon and hybrid support.