Intelligent Cloud Skypass

SKYPASS Video Content Channel

Skypass is Crayon's Propietary Virtual Events and Video Content Channel. We understand that the cost of attending industry events, however beneficial, can be prohibitive and that the time away from the office due to travel commitments make event attendance a luxury in today's agile fast moving market. That's why Crayon make sure we bring you all our high quality training and event content to you in an easy Video Content Channel, where you can consume it when and where you want!

SKYPASS On Demand Access to Nordic Infrastructure Conference

Exclusive "Access All Areas" to the annual Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC). Crayon Skypass provides access to premium event content allowing customers to participate and access every session within the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC), one of the leading IT networking and technical knowledge transfer events in the world. Leading speakers unpack the hacks that will differentiate the exceptional from the rest and with Skypass you have an "Access All Areas" pass to consume it all at the most convenient time for you and all for a Saving of up to 75% of the normal NIC Conference Pass!

SKYPASS Subscription Based

In addition, you will find a wide variety of other exclusive Crayon training videos plus fabulous enablement video content for both technical and on-technical teammates. Skypass is available on subscription regardless of whether you are an existing Crayon customer.

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