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Software Baselines Optimizati-va portofoliul de licente

Va luptati sa mentineti un SAM pentru licentele detinute? 

Crayon detine un numar impresionant de competente pentru SAM si licentiere software care ne permite sa lucram indeaproape cu producatorii de software.

De asemenea, lucram si independent de furnizorii si agentii de audit pentru a furniza SAM si recenzii cu privire la conformitatea contractelor de licentiere, prin sabloane standard "Effective License Position (ELP)"

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An ELP, as a result of the baseline services, will provide you with a definitive report in respect of your existing software license entitlement, relative to your actual software consumption for any vendor. Any licensing anomalies (over licensed or under licensed) will be documented and software that can be 'reharvested' and utilised elsewhere to avoid additional purchases will also be identified, together with a set of recommendations in respect to remedial action.

In addition, our Audit Simulation Service can also provide customers verification that their existing processes would enable them to respond to a vendor approach. Crayon can simulate the vendors approach and assist you in ensuring you have everything in place to respond effectively and accurately.

The Deliverables

  • A report containing your ELP for all major vendors. The report details your current position as well as how effective you are at responding to a vendor’s request to audit. Recommendations on how to improve the response time and be more effective are also included

The Benefits

  • Make more informed license procurement decisions based on your actual needs, not your assumed needs
  • Strengthen your negotiation position when negotiating license agreements
  • Improve the response times to vendors
  • Satisfy vendor audit requests with minimal disruption to the  business
  • Simulate vendor approach to an audit to ensure you can react accordingly