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COR - Crayon's Online Room

A fully managed cloud service
providing seamless software
streaming for your users

COR How can it help you ?
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What is it ?
  • COR is an application streaming service that gives your organization’s users access to the applications they need, all in one location.
  • The applications are streamed directly through your browser, no installation or infrastructure needed.
  • Each user gets access only to the software they need, saving both cost and streamlining the experience for the users.
  • The service is available on any device, from any location, at any time.
  • All users are always on the latest version of the software – no updates or patches needed.
  • The portal can be customized with your own design for a simplified user experience for your users.
How does COR help your organisation ?
  • Less IT management – we manage and administer applications and infrastructure for you.
  • No infrastructure requirements – no upfront investments on costly infrastructure.
  • Easy user management - administer access to the portal and applications through your existing Active Directory or LDAP groups. This means very ease and secure on- and offboarding of end users.
  • License compliance and control – detailed insight into actual software usage to comply with license requirements and scale.
  • Vendor management - Crayon can provide a single point of contact for software delivery through our partnerships with the most significant software vendors in the world.
  • Utilize cloud or on-prem resources - Multiple storage options (OneDrive, G Suite Drive and COR Cloud storage) and possibilities to connect existing cloud or on-prem resources (storage, DB, etc).
How does COR help students
  • Familiar and modern technology experience - today’s students expect universities to be tech-savvy with the modern tools. COR delivers a state-of-the-art experience familiar to users.
  • Any device – COR streams their applications through any browser which means support for virtually any device.
  • No complicated installations or updates – students access their applications through the portal, no installation or patching needed at any time.
  • Easy to use - all their software is in one place, easy to access and use.
  • Virtual classroom – students can share documents and projects or work together on project files through the storage sharing options.
How does it work ?

Go live in days, not weeks

COR is extremely quick to on-board compared to competing solutions, with just a few steps required to enjoy the full experience of SSO,

 1. Application bundle and portal customization

The COR team sets up the portal and application bundles according to your wishes and needs. We determine the look and feel of the portal, authentication and applications based on your needs.

2. Resource integration

We connect existing resources, such as storage, database and identity resources. Depending on the type of resource this may require some assistance from your local IT staff or administrator to provide us access and information.

3. Go-live!

We are ready to go live and each student has instant access to their own applications through the portal. They connect their own cloud storage (OneDrive or G Suite Drive) and can share files with other users and save directly to their cloud storage folder.

Authentication & User Management Options

We recommend integrating with SAML2.0/SSO for high security, simple user management and seamless user experience needing only their existing username and password to authenticate.

  • SAML 2.0 / Single-Sign-On
    • Integration with existing Identity Provider (IdP), such as ADFS, Shibboleth, etc.
    • COR access controlled by IT administators through group policies
    • Easy on- and offboarding through existing policies
    • No user data stored in the cloud – highly GDPR friendly
  • COR User Directory
    • Cloud-hosted user directory managed by COR team
  • Active Directory integration
    • COR AD integration extending existing AD to the cloud to utilize existing user directory and group policies
    • Enables access to AD controlled resources, such as local printers, server resources, etc.
    • Requires VPN and AD service account
COR Case study

Learn how Crayon helped the Norwegian business school to reduce IT hardware, maintenance and manual processes. And give students access to Software anywhere, anytime on any device.



COR How Crayon can help you?

Crayon takes care of your software & maintenance requirements with an all-inclusive managed service:

  • Vendor management
  • Software support
  • COR Platform support
  • Application migration services
  • Consumption/usage reporting