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Crayon kicks off its women’s leadership program

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Oslo, Norway – Crayon Group Holding ASA (OSE: CRAYON), the preferred leader in clients’ digitalization journey, this week kicked off its internal leadership program for women.

The pilot program includes 16 women from around the world and is part of Crayon’s efforts to have more women in management positions.

Thirty-one percent of the Oslo-based company are women and 21% of those women are managers.

The global technology industry is about 20% to 25% women, with a much smaller percentage of those women being in leadership positions. 

“This program is important because even though we are better than the industry standard, we need more women in management at Crayon,” said COO Bente Liberg, who organized the year-long program. “We need more women in the IT industry and this program will be one of several training programs that we will see from Crayon in 2020.”

The women’s program focuses on analyzing and strengthening participants’ leadership skills as well as increasing their knowledge of Crayon’s history, current operations and goals for the future. Among the speakers were co-founders Jens Rugseth and Rune Syversen, and CEO Torgrim Takle.

Rugseth told stories from Crayon’s early days and how its unwavering commitment to customers has set Crayon apart from its competitors. He also discussed the importance of authenticity when it comes to being a strong leader.

“Being yourself is enough, and if it isn’t enough for that person, then that person isn’t enough for you,” Rugseth said.

Syversen and Takle talked about Crayon as a services-led company that is prioritizing the goal of having more women in management roles. The leadership program is a key part in achieving that goal.

Participants in the program were nominated by their managers.

“It’s good to know that I was chosen for this program not because I am a woman, but rather because someone sees something special in me,” said Nina Janorschke, a Talent Acquisition Manager based in Germany.

Another participant, Beth Grubb, said she was excited to start implementing what she learned in the program once she returned home to the US.

“The program is extremely beneficial,” said Grubb, a Go-To-Market Campaign manager. “Crayon has employed talented, strong, and smart women ready to leverage newly acquired skills to achieve business and personal goals. I am proud to work for a company taking gender diversity seriously."