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How to Add Virtual (and Custom) Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

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2020/10/20 Update

20 Free Fall and Halloween Backgrounds for Microsoft Teams




If you have read our recent article about adding video filters to Microsoft Teams, you would know that it's a great way to bring excitement into a meeting. If the Snap Camera filters are a bit distracting, Microsoft has the solution for you with virtual backgrounds.


2020/07/22 Update

You can now add virtual backgrounds in Microsoft Teams directly through the application. You'll follow these same steps, except you'll click on "Add New" right below the heading "Background Settings."


2020/06/01- Update

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What are Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds are an added video filter to make it appear that you joining the meeting from another location. They are also great for bringing a bit of humor into meetings. If you are working in a busy place, it's an easy way to keep your meetings distraction-free.


 (I am hoping I don't get stung)


How to Add Virtual Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft recently added their version of virtual backgrounds to Microsoft Teams video calls.

With 20+ backgrounds to choose from, you'll be able to join your meetings from a virtual office, the beach, or even from the Minecraft universe.


Follow these steps to enable virtual backgrounds.

1. When you are in a Microsoft Teams call, click the three dots on the meeting settings bar

2. Select "show background effects"

3. Choose your background from the background settings pane

4. Either preview or select apply to enable your background




How to Add Custom Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

Before we show you how to add a custom background to your Microsoft Teams video meetings, we recommend approving it with your organization's IT department first.


To add a custom background follow these steps

1. Navigate to and open the file explorer on your computer

2. Copy and paste the following path: %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds in the file explorer navigation bar

3. Within the folder that opens, click into the folder titled Uploads

4. Upload the desired photo(s) you wish to use as a custom background into the uploads folder.

5. Close file explorer and follow the same steps to add virtual backgrounds into your meetings.


We recommend using the same file size as the default customer backgrounds which is 1920 X 1080.


My favorite?


Virtual backgrounds in Microsoft Teams are the best mixture of bringing excitement to your meetings while being professional.


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