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Microsoft Intelligent Asset Manager: Helping Customers Maximise the Value of Software Asset Management

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The Microsoft Intelligent Asset Manager (IAM) allows Crayon to provide transparency in software consumption, move beyond license compliance and increase customer value.

24th January, 2018: Crayon announced it is collaborating with Microsoft to help customers maximise the value of Software Asset Management (SAM), moving beyond license compliance and toward increased customer value. Microsoft Intelligent Asset Manager (IAM) enables Crayon’s partners and customers to more easily and transparently collect and securely share inventory data and leverage Microsoft’s centralised service to establish a licensing position. This helps make time-consuming, expensive and disruptive reviews a thing of the past and enables more time and focus on helping customers manage their IT infrastructure and derive meaningful insight from this process.

IAM, coupled with Crayon’s technology, will make it easier to understand a customer’s IT inventory, store that data in a secure and customer-controlled manner and enable the seamless creation of an Effective License Position (ELP) – a trusted baseline for both parties. Through a special program with Crayon, Microsoft customers can use the resulting ELP via the Crayon solution to manage their Microsoft license position on an ongoing basis. Doing so in a managed and transparent process using pre-agreed metrics will save customer resources, allow friction-free self-optimisation, create more value driven relationships for Microsoft customers and empower informed strategic technology and cloud decisions.

Ashley Gatehouse, CMO, Crayon said, “Crayon understands the critical role transparency and vendor involvement play in a healthy and successful software supply chain. We’re extremely proud to work with Microsoft to help our customers maximise the value of Software Asset Management for their organisation and their customers.”

Patama Chantaruck, General Manager of Worldwide Software Asset Management & Compliance at Microsoft Corp., said, “We believe SAM, when done right, is a strategic advantage for our customers. We stay committed to helping all organisations maximise value, minimise risk and achieve more with their IT investments. To enable this, we work with partners to simplify the way SAM engagements are conducted and ensure customers receive meaningful value from them. We are delighted with Crayon’s support for Intelligent Asset Manager, and we look forward to bringing the powerful value of SAM to accelerate the digital transformation for our customers.”