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Norway's Minister of Digitalization Nikolai Astrup visits Crayon HQ

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Norway’s Minister of Digitalization Nikolai Astrup visited Crayon headquarters to meet with company executives about the country’s digitalization strategy and he later gave a presentation to employees at our 2020 kickoff.

“Crayon is one of the top IT companies and he seems interested in listening to our opinion particularly with our experiences in the public sector,” said Rune Syversen, co-founder of Crayon. “We talked about the strategy for the country and how the world is moving very fast on digitalization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which of course is close to our heart.”

Crayon has the world’s leading AI and ML practice. It’s won several industry awards for its work in emerging technologies, including the prestigious Partner of the Year Award from Microsoft for AI and ML.

The company also has deep experience with the public cloud. One of its recent wins in the public sector is the $250 million deal with Norsk Helsenett SF, a government-owned company responsible for delivering IT infrastructure to Norway’s healthcare sector. Crayon will provide platforms and services to support Norsk Helsenett on its cloud transformation journey.

Astrup’s visit with Crayon employees was a surprise and the crowd cheered when he was introduced.

“The reason why it is exciting to be the Minister of Digitalization of Norway is because we have fantastic opportunities to give people a simpler and better life,” Astrup told more than 150 Crayon employees. “We have fantastic opportunities to create great values based on digitalization but we will not be able to do this alone, we will work as a team with the innovation power and capital and expertise in the private sector that are in companies like yours.”

Astrup became Norway's first Minister of Digitalization last January. Since then, he’s been working to develop a more efficient government through digitalization, which has been a big part in implementing new governmental strategies.

“A visit from the Minister of Digitalization contributes to recognizing Crayon as big player in the Norwegian market when it comes to talking about digitalization,” said Geir Øivind Gulliksen, head of Crayon Norway. “Obviously with the public sector being a large customer entity for our company it’s important for us to learn what his vision and strategy are for the upcoming years, but also to share our opinion and hopefully be able to put our watermark on the Norwegian strategy when it comes to digitalization.”




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