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Our top 2 execs featured in Norway's leading business magazine

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On newsstands across Norway today is a story about Crayon as a fast-growing IT powerhouse with a unique management structure.

The article in Kapital, which is Norway’s leading business magazine, focuses on the company’s strong performance in the markets, including the fact that the stock price has doubled in the last six months.

“I think it is tiring to be one of our competitors. We are growing three times as fast as the market,” Torgrim Takle told Kapital. Takle began at Crayon as CFO, and then was promoted to CEO.

He said that having two top executives reflects the company’s approach in valuing teamwork.

Meanwhile Crayon co-founder Rune Syversen also spoke about how he and Takle divide their responsibilities and that the two “can make decisions twice as fast and get half the travel days. Besides, it's nice to have one to spar with.”

While the article gives insight into the company, reporter Kari Nestas points out how Syversen and Takle are also into sports.

Syversen played professional hockey in the 1990s, when his team Vålerenga became league champions in the 1995-96 season.

As Syversen spent his earlier days smacking around the hockey puck, Takle was busy unfurling parachutes by freefalling.

Takle is a former soldier in the Norwegian Special Forces. He loves to skydive and has a total of 4,000 jumps.

Both executives have turned their winsome spirit into strong profits for Crayon, the preferred partner on the digitalization journey.