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What problems does TeamWork360 solve within the enterprise?

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Firms can see drastic improvements in collaboration and productivity when the right information is connected to the right teams.              


All too often it can be difficult for employees and management to talk effectively with each other despite having the necessary hardware and software to maintain communications within a company, its partners and suppliers.

This challenge happens when the means of communications become embedded in silos, where the right person with the right information may not be accessible to those who need it. For businesses today, this has become a big problem, with analysts at IDC suggesting more than 80 percent of line-of-business leaders in areas such as sales, HR and procurement admitting to different internal systems and applications with gaps in communication being the cause of such problems.

Tools such as TeamWork360 – which blends Workplace by Facebook with Microsoft Teams – can overcome these and more. So, let’s take a deeper dive into what issues it solves.


Putting information in context

TeamWork360 is designed to work in the context that is important to users while maintaining a company's information and communication needs without the users having to leave the comfort of the systems they work in to get the job done.

This means employees can participate in conversations that take place throughout the organisation and can follow the content that is important to them in real time using the familiarity of Workplace by Facebook and its social networking roots. As information travels through an organisation in this way, co-workers and partners engage more with this information, bolstering the information-centric nature of the business.

Organisations that use TeamWork360 can connect documents, groups, notes and files more easily to the people who need them in rich and compelling ways. This allows firms to reap new rewards in both terms of productivity and solving tasks more efficiently.


An improved user experience for those on multiple platforms

Only two per cent of the population are anywhere near decent at multitasking. The trouble is that many of the 98 per cent think they are part of that two per cent and switching between tasks can cost as much as 40 per cent of someone’s productive time, according to the American Psychological Association.

TeamWork360 integrates Workplace by Facebook with your existing Microsoft technology stack. In doing so, it combines the familiar ecosystem and communications features of Facebook with your existing applications, through a single connected experience. By combining the benefits of the two, staff can collaborate wherever they are in real time without changing applications.

This combination also cuts down on task-switching, meaning more satisfied users and ultimately more engaged users.


Publish once, read anywhere

Having to publish content on multiple platforms can take up a lot of time that your company just doesn’t have. TeamWork360 overcomes this by allowing users to publish their content just once and make it available throughout the company to those users who need it.

The solution also ensures staff always have access to the latest version of documents, spreadsheets and presentations by taking further advantage of that historical Microsoft stack and storing them in OneDrive and the local SharePoint environment.


Making business processes more cost-effective

Business processes can become more efficient and effective using TeamWork360, as the time from idea to action will be shortened. For example, users can create content while on-the-go and then forward this information onto their Workplace by Facebook and Office 365 environments.

This enables sales to get quick answers from merchants and other people in the field who are in contact with customers. That fluidity and rapid interchange allows businesses to dive deeper into their data in an instant, whilst being able to share information on old and new customers in new ways.

For marketing, TeamWork360 helps in the coordination of campaigns, with users being able to save hours in productivity by making the latest plans available for feedback and discussion within Workplace by Facebook’s Group feature. As such, launches can be prepared with many different stakeholders and contributors involved.

However, should teammates want to continue using Microsoft tools to collaborate and share files, they can do so by using the fast, friction-free and familiar ways of connecting with their wider organisation through Workplace by Facebook.


Putting the focus on working together

With so much time wasted on administrative tasks and pulling workers away from the job in hand, it has never been more critical for enterprises to get staff to collaborate and use technology to increase profits. Take your sales reps. How much time do they actually spend selling? Some figures suggest this may be lower than 40 per cent, with the majority of hours spent on mundane tasks around this. But by using Workplace by Facebook and TeamWork360 to seamlessly reconnect your wider business, you can improve productivity and the decision-making process to keep fragmented and often disjointed teams on the same page 24/7. Doing that and losing those data silos will enable those reps to focus on revenue and give you a happier workforce to boot.


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