Pulse Reward Program 20,000 FREE Pulse Points*

Crayon rewards all resellers that add new O365 and Azure customers. If you’re adding new Office 365 or Azure customers you may be entitled to up to 20,000* FREE “Pulse Points”.

That's 20,000 Pulse Points to spend as you like, on Crayon Services, Rewards for your sellers or give away’s to your customers.

* Note: T&Cs will apply and account credits cannot be converted into cash or refunds

How does it work and what do you need to know?

For every new Azure or Office 365 customer, you add as a reseller of Crayon, you may be eligible for this 20,000 Pulse points offer*!

To get Pulse points they will need a Pulse account BUT if they don’t have one we can set one up and then deposit the points.

How do you know who is eligible and what we mean by a new O365 customer? 

  • Any new end customer with 50 paid Office 365 seats, OR any existing end customer with less than 50 seats that increase above 50 paid Office 365 seats.
  • End customer shall not have had more than 50 Office 365 seats in the previous 12 months in any Microsoft program.
  • Office 365 seats should be paid seats (excluding any unpaid seats, trials, free promos, etc).
  • Customer needs to have a total of 50 or more paid Office 365 seats to be considered added.
  • Programs applicable: CSP
  • Eligible SKUs: Office 365 E1/E3/E5 and Office 365 within Microsoft 365
  • SKU Exclusion: Education, Home and Personal O365 SKU
  • Customer segment: all commercial segments

What do we mean by a new Azure customer?

  • Any end customer who has not consumed $3,000 USD or more of Azure in any Microsoft quarter during the prior 12 months
  • End customer can be an existing Azure Customer that have not consumed more than $3,000 USD of Azure in any Microsoft quarter during the prior 12 months
  • Azure consumption should be paid Azure (excluding any unpaid Azure, trials, free promos, etc)
  • End customer needs to have consumed a total of $3,000 USD or more in a given Microsoft quarter to be considered added.
  • Pricing All Microsoft Metered services as measured via Microsoft’s Azure Reporting Tools
  • Customer segment: all commercial segments